De(h)ning Lineages & Lines

The founder of our Family Association, Dr. Gustav Dehning, Bremen, (1882-1970), and his successor, Heinrich Dehning, Barmbostel, (1903-1979), researched the Dehning far into the past.
The oldest Dehnings they found, were Cord Dehning (1616-1679), owner of the Westerend-Farm in Beckedorf (near Hermannburg) and Hans Dehning (1605-1667) of the Dehnern-Farm in Dehnernbockel (near Soltau).

In 2002 Peter Jahnke discovered a third lineage from Bergen, progenitor of this "Bergener" lineage is Peter Denecke (born 1593).
A common root of the three has to be presumed, but couldn't be proved. (That's why, because of heraldic regulations, we have three - a bit different - coat of arms.)
They are the three progenitors of all Dehnings, they all come from the Lüneburger Heide: Cord Dehning is the progenitor of the Beckedorf lineage (I),
Hans Dehning is the progenitor of the Dehnernbockel lineage (II) and
Peter Denecke is the progenitor of the Bergen lineage (III).
From them we count the generations, i. e. they are the first generation of the Dehnings.
The progenitors Cord Dehning and Hans Dehning had numerous descendants, who spread all over Germany and to the USA. To get an overwiew Heinrich Dehning (see above) divided the lineages into lines. He called them after the first settlements, so we can see where the Dehnings settled about 200 years ago. He also numbered the lines.

Der Beckedorfer lineage (I) has the following 8 lines:

I/1 Beckedorf Line
I/2 Barmbostel Line
I/3 Katensen Line
I/4 Eversen Line
I/5 Paulmanns-Farm Line
I/6 Dreilingen Line
I/7 Bonstorf Line
I/8 Dehnings-Farm Line

The 22 lines of the Dehnernbockel lineage can be found below. The Bergen lineage consists of only one line.

Following you find the descandants of Cord Dehning (1616-1679), the first of the Beckedorf lineage (I), shown till the Dehnings, who are the beginning of the individual lines, i. e. the first Dehnings of these lines.

Descendents of Cord Dehning
1st of the Beckedorfer lineage (I)

till the individual lines

(Only Dehnings with Dehning ancestors are shown here. A more detailed representation can be found in the «Festschrift» = Commemorative Publication on occasion of th 80th Anniversary of our Dehning-Family-Association, 2003.

1 Cord Dehning (1616-1679) Owner of Westerend-Farm in Beckedorf
   ∞ N.N. (died 1679)

2 Hans Dehning (1647-1716) Beckedorf
   ∞ 1670 D. Meyer from Hermannsburg

3 Peter Dehning (1676-1742) Beckedorf
   ∞ 1703 K. Kaiser from Willighausen
   ∞ 1716 M. Albermann from the parish Munster

4 Hans Dehning (1708-1751) Beckedorf
   ∞ 1731 M. Lüders from Hetendorf

5 Carsten Hinrich Dehning (1743-1801) Beckedorf
   ∞ 1786 J. D. Prüser from Oldendorf

6 Johann Hinrich Dehning 1st of Beckedorf Line (I/1) (1773-1837)
   ∞ 1793 C. M. Ebel from Felligsen

6 Heinrich Christoph Dehning 1st of Bonstorf Line (I/7) (1778-1826)
   Inheritor of the "Schaußhof" in Bonstorf
   ∞ 1801 Ilse Otto from Hermannsburg

6 Peter Heinrich Dehning 1st der Dehnings-Farm Line (I/8) (1781-1831)
   Constructor of "Dehninghof" in 1804
   ∞ 1809 I. M. Rabe from Lutterhof

5 Johann Hinrich Dehning 1st of Paulmanns-Farm Line (I/5) (1746-1818)
   Cotter by marriage in Hermannsburg
   ∞ 1777 C. D. Schütze from Paulmanns Farm in Hermannsburg

   Johann Hinrich Dehning 1st of Dreilingen Line (I/6)
   ∞ 1797 A. D. Möhring from Dreilingen

3 Hans Dehning (1682-?) Shepherd in Habighorst and Müden
   ∞ Maria Kochs from Habighorst
   ∞ 1726 Madg. Hinrichs from Weesen

4 Peter Dehning (1712-1783) Shepherd in Höfer, Lutterloh and Weesen
   ∞ 1736 A. J. Meyer from Weesen

5 Dietrich Dehning 1st of Katensen Line (I/3) (1745-1824)
   Shepherd in Rehwinkel, Eversen a.o., "Interimswirt" in Katensen
   ∞ 1769 C. D. Grethen

   ∞ 1761 A. D. Kochs from Beckedorf

5 Hans Jürgen Dehning 1st of Eversen Linie (I/4) (1769-1826)
   Shepherd in Rehwinkel, "Häusling" in Eversen
   ∞ 1794 C. W. Bruns

3 Johann Hinrich Dehning 1st of Barmbostel Lin (I/2) 1693-1749)
   "Vollhöfner" by marriage in Barmbostel
   ∞ 1722 M. Brauel from Barmbostel

The 22 Lines of the Dehnernbockel lineage are:

II/1 Severloh Line
II/2 Reddingen Line
II/3 Willighausen Line
II/4 Wietzendorf Line
II/5 Hillern-Farm Line
II/6 Wieckhorst-Farm Line
II/7 Wieckhorst-Hemser Line
II/8 Wieckhorst-Hans-Heinrich Line
II/9 Wieckhorst-Harburg Line
II/10 Wieckhorst-Christoph Line
II/11 Wieckhorst-Stelle Line
II/12 Wieckhorst-Holstein Line
II/13 Hillern-Jakob Line
II/14 Bockheber Line
II/15 Schneverdingen Line
II/16 Dehnernhof Line
II/17 Shepherd Lühr Line
II/18 Dorfmark Line
II/19 Moorkat Line
II/20 Marbostel Line
II/21 Suroide Line
II/22 Diersbüttel Line

Following you find the descendants of Hans Dehning (1605-1667), the 1st of the Dehnernbockeler lineage (II), shown till the Dehnings, who are the beginning of the individual lines, i.e. the first Dehnings of these lines.

Descendants of Hans Dehning
1st of Dehnernbockel lineage (II)

till the individual lines


1 Hans Dehning (1605-1667)

2 Hinrich Dehning (1657-?)
   ∞ J. Winkeln, born Backeberg, in Müden)

3 Johann Dehning 1st of Severloh Line (II/1) (1701-1763)
   ∞ G. M. Severloh, born Völker, in Hermannsburg)

3 Carsten Dehning 1st of Reddingen Line (II/2) (1698-1758)
   ∞ C. Blumberg, in Reddingen

2 Thomas Dehning (1641-1717)
   ∞ M. Elbers from Suroide

3 Hans Dehning (1664-1740)
   ∞ J. Menke

4 Thomas Dehning (1694-1737)
   ∞ M. Meier v. d. L.

5 Hans Dehning 1st of Dehnern-Farm Line (II/16) (1726-1788)
   ∞ Abelmann

5 Johann Lühr Dehning 1st of Shepherd Lühr Line (II/17) (1735-1797)
   1st ∞ Kröger 1764
   2nd ∞ A. M. Peters 1776

3 Karsten Dehning (1669-1732)
   ∞ C. Cohrs in Hillern, about 1700

4 Thomas Dehning (1702-1758)
   ∞ M. Vorwerk, 1733

5 Karsten Dehning 1st of Hillern-Farm Line (II/5) (1734-1781)
   1st ∞ M. J. Töters, 1762
   2nd ∞ A. M. Lütjens

5 Hinrich Jochen Dehning (1736-1808)
   1st ∞ J. Tödler in Wieckhorst, 1776

6 Hans Jochen Dehning (1769-1831)
   ∞ K. Brooks

7 Konrad Friedr. Dehning 1st of Wieckhorst-Farm Line (II/6) (1799-1862)
   ∞ A. Bargmann

7 Christoph Dehning 1st of Wieckhorst-Hemser Line (II/7) (1801-1865)
   1st ∞ A. M. Dehning
   2nd ∞ A. M. Wieckhorst, born Baden

5 Hinrich Jochen Dehning (1736-1808)
   2nd ∞ A. Riewesel

5 Jacob Dehning 1st of Hillern-Jacob Line (II/13) (1740-1808)
   ∞ A. Töters from Gröps, 1768

6 Christoph Dehning 1st of Bockheber Line (II/14) (1789-1868)
   1st ∞ M. Jungmann, born Meier
   2nd ∞ M. Ruschmeier

6 Friedr. Karsten Dehning 1st of Schneverdingen Line (II/15) (1793-1833)
   ∞ M. Ruschmeyer

3 Thomas Dehning 1st of Wietzendorf Line (II/4) (1672-1738)
   ∞ A. M. Peters in Wietzendorf, 1706

3 Johann Hinrich Dehning 1st of Willighausen Line (II/3) (1678-?)
   ∞ Ilse Marie Winkeln in Willighausen, 1708

2 Carsten Dehning
   1st ∞ Ilsabe Dornhoff

3 Jacob Dehning 1st of Dorfmark Line (II/18) (1695-1768)
   ∞ Hormann born Michaelis, Dorfmark

3 Joachim (Jochen) Dehning
   ∞ Marlene von Frieling from Soltau

4 Hans Hinrich Dehning 1st of Moorkat Line (II/19) (1724-1782)
   ∞ A. E. Eggers from Bockel

2 Carsten Dehning
   2nd ∞ Dor. Willenbockel

2 Johann Dehning (1684-1722)
   ∞ M. Eggers, born Hagemann

3 Hinrich Dehning 1st of Marbostel Line (II/20) (1719-1803)
   ∞ A. M. Lehmberg in Marbostel, 1757

2 Hinrich Dehning (1658-1715)
   ∞ J. Riggers, 1696

3 Christoph Dehning (1702-1773)
   ∞ N.N.

4 Jürgen Hinrich Dehning (1748-1796)
   ∞ N.N.

5 Hans Hinrich Dehning 1st of Diersbüttl Line (II/22) (1787-1842)
   ∞ C. M. Tödler, 1822

5 Christoph Heinrich Dehning 1st of Suroide Line (II/21) (1785-1847)
   ∞ A. M. Heins, 1810